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Conferences Planning & Program Management
Our experience is unprecedented and our continued investment in new technology and expert team of professionals has formed Charisma Experts Conference Organizers. Charisma is your partner and advisor for the entire life-cycle of your congress, ensuring that your event meets its objectives and is both profitable and memorable.

We begin with detailed strategic planning based on in-depth research of your organization and your goals to develop a feasible budget. Once in place, we build an operational timeline that addresses your objectives and requirements. Every Charisma event includes an operational team – a senior account manager, operations manager, a meeting planner and a programme coordinator. The operational team is supported internally by all relevant Charisma departments, including Marketing, Sponsorship and Exhibitions, Registration and Hotel Sales.

A seamless, professional programme is the core of any successful event and programme management is a fundamental part of our planning. Dedicated programme coordinators will work closely with you the client to research, develop, manage and administer a comprehensive programme. This includes managing the call for papers, abstracts, speakers, sessions, and presentations ensuring quality content from the opening session , through to the gala dinner , and ending with your chairman’s closing address.

Destination & On-site Management
The location of your conference is one of the most important decisions you will make in the planning process. With subsidiary and representative offices around the globe, Charisma will help you determine the location and venue that best suits your organization’s needs. Once you’re there, our local expertise and professional staff manages each and every detail to perfection.

On-site is where Charisma shines. We competently handle all of the logistics, media, venue, technical and secretarial support – all the elements to make your event successful and memorable. Charisma does it all, large and small: hotel reservations, supported by a dedicated online hotel reservations system, on-site administration/secretariat, hostesses, marketing materials, food & beverage, accommodations, ground transfers – and more., Our team of professionals are there from the beginning until the last of your participants leaves the venue.

Charisma provides a dedicated on-site technical team to ensure the smooth running of all the basics - from plugging in microphones to making sure speakers can display a variety of presentations during any given session. We maintain continuous supervision and coordination of all on-site technical and logistic teams during the congress. From start to finish, your congress will flow seamlessly using cutting-edge IT and audio-visual equipment supported by our qualified, licensed technicians – all within your budget.

Innovative Technology Solutions
A pioneer in innovative technology solutions, Charisma anticipates the ‘next big thing’ and delivers it to your event. Our objective is clear - to enhance the participants’ experience. Charisma solutions include dedicated congress websites, intuitive online registration and abstract submission with pre-paid and s radio frequency registration stations on-site. Participants also benefit from state -of -the -art e-posters, virtual events, live social media and tailored mobile apps.

Charisma Congress App transforms smartphones, tablets and laptops into a tool for active meeting participation, making it easy for participants to access meeting information they need and to connect with speakers and colleagues. Imported automatically from Charisma systems, the app includes the scientific programme, abstracts, speaker info, participant lists, rating / voting system for sessions / speakers and even includes a personalized scheduler.

All of our on-site technology solutions are backed by a dedicated team of technicians at every Charisma event to guarantee seamless and reliable service and support.

Event Strategy & Marketing
A picture speaks a thousand words and a brand speaks longer and louder. Charisma` in-house marketing experts will build a strategic brand and develop a design that will be instantly recognizable by your target audience. Our accumulated database and research services will bring that targeted audience to your event using the most up -to -date advertising strategies, including social media and other cutting-edge online technologies.

We provide comprehensive marketing solutions from the initial planning stage, including research, strategy and a marketing plan that results in sophisticated and innovative marketing tools: a focused congress website, online advertising campaigns, social media, and tailored online and offline promotions.

We specialize in the innovative marketing of medical congresses and associations worldwide. Our services are based on strategic insight from a team of multi-cultural, talented and creative professionals who understand the value of brand equity and ensuring a consistent presence in multiple marketing channels.

Sponsorship Sales & Exhibitions
With over 20 years of experience, Charisma Experts has developed long term relationships with major sponsors and exhibitors in variety of industries. Charisma is a true innovator in sponsorship sales, with a proven track record of increasing revenue from sponsorship sales and bringing the right sponsors to your event. We carefully analyze potential sponsor revenue and pricing making your sponsors and exhibitors a full-fledged partner at your event.

When it comes to planning, building and managing the exhibition at your event, Charisma is second to none. We skillfully handle the logistics from the floor plan design and optimization, down to the very last detail. Charisma-managed exhibitions are led by a team of in-house professionals who are expert in this field. Your exhibitors are our clients, from marketing and selling exhibition space, booths and presentations, to build-up and break-down, A/V and electrical. We guarantee a seamless exhibition for the duration of your event.

Financial Management
Transparency and accountability - two words that define the Charisma philosophy, primarily in the area of financial management. We work together with our clients to maximize profitability while keeping costs low and staying within budget without sacrificing service or quality. At Charisma, we pride ourselves in our global purchasing power, a result of our experience and expertise in virtually any location in the world. We have relationships with a wealth of reliable global suppliers and subcontractors to deliver the best possible services at the lowest possible price.

Our clients know that with Charisma, they can feel safe, secure and confident that their objectives will be met.